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Master Classes

Master the Art: Elevate Your Music Education with Lisa Anita Baker

Lisa Anita Baker, Professor of Music at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Recording Artist and Guitar Virtuoso, TEDx Speaker, Signed Artist

Greetings! As a Professor of Music at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and a recording artist celebrated as a guitar virtuoso, I offer an exclusive opportunity to enrich your students' musical journey through captivating and insightful Master Classes.


Elevate your music education program by inviting me, Lisa Anita Baker, to conduct Master Classes at your University. With my role as a Professor of Music at UTC, extensive experience as a recording artist, TEDx speaker on "Women in Music: Where are the girls in the band?" and a signed artist under management with the Odessa Green Agency, I bring unparalleled expertise to inspire and mentor your students.

Master Class Highlights

  1. Songwriting (Jazz and Pop): Explore the intricacies of songwriting in jazz and pop genres, delving into compositional techniques, structure, and creative expression to craft compelling music.

  2. Female Guitarists: Pioneers and Innovators Power-point (50 minutes): Delve into the history and influence of female guitarists in the music industry. Discuss their contributions, challenges, and unique musical styles that have shaped the landscape of guitar playing.

  3. History of Pop Music Power-point (50 minutes): Take a journey through the evolution of pop music, examining its cultural significance, milestones, and influential artists that shaped the genre.

  4. Soloing Techniques for Guitarists: Focus on the art of soloing, emphasizing techniques, improvisation, and approaches for creating captivating solos.

  5. Comparative Analysis of Jazz Standards: Explore and compare various jazz standards, analyzing their compositions, structures, and stylistic elements, providing insights into the diversity within the genre.

  6. Visual Art and its Relationship with Jazz: Explore the intersection of visual art and jazz, understanding how these artistic forms intertwine and influence each other's creative landscapes.

  7. Welcome to the Music Business: Navigate the complexities of the music industry, discussing key aspects such as marketing, management, and entrepreneurial skills necessary for success.


These Master Classes are designed to accommodate your schedule, with flexibility in duration. Power-Points are structured for a 50-minute duration, ensuring an engaging and informative session within your academic timeframe.


I have had the privilege of conducting Master Classes at various esteemed institutions, sharing my expertise and passion for music with eager learners. Witness firsthand the impact of my engaging teaching style and empowering insights on your students.


Why Choose Lisa Anita Baker? By inviting me to conduct Master Classes, your institution is ensured a dynamic learning experience that combines academic rigor with real-world expertise. Students will benefit from the mentorship of a seasoned musician dedicated to nurturing the next generation of musical talent.

Embark on a transformative musical journey with Lisa Anita Baker at your University. Together, let's inspire, empower, and shape the future of music through engaging and enriching Master Classes.

Lisa Anita Baker

Professor of Music at the University of Tennessee (Chattanooga)


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