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"Lisa Baker has created music that makes people want to live.  Her music has power and purpose and matters."                                 

Bill "the Buddha" Dickens

Award Winning Bassist



Lisa Anita Baker, the luminary of jazz guitar, was destined for musical greatness from the outset. Born and raised on the sun-drenched shores of the West Coast, Lisa's journey into the world of music was heavily influenced by her familial roots. Her mother, a jazz pianist in her own right, provided an early introduction to the enchanting world of jazz, igniting a lifelong passion within Lisa.

Her groundbreaking 2002 album, "Song For A New Day," marked a pivotal moment in her career. Collaborating with esteemed musicians like Victor, Joseph, and Regi Wooten, along with the legendary Oteil Burbridge, the album was a testament to Lisa's exceptional talent and innovative approach to jazz guitar.

Lisa's trailblazing spirit was evident in her pursuit of excellence. As the first female graduate of Northern Illinois University with a Masters of Music in Guitar, she shattered barriers and set a precedent for aspiring musicians, showcasing unparalleled dedication and perseverance in a field historically dominated by men.

Apart from her academic achievements, Lisa's commitment to nurturing musical talent shines through her role as a Music Professor at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Her mentorship has not only shaped aspiring musicians but also ignited their passion for music, much like the fire that burns within her own soul.

Lisa Anita Baker's impact transcends mere technical prowess. Her live performances as a touring and recording artist are electrifying, challenging stereotypes and redefining the perception of jazz guitar. She embodies a new wave of artistry, breaking boundaries and displaying the true essence of musical brilliance.

Her compositions are a testament to her multifaceted artistry, not confined solely to guitar mastery. Lisa's prowess as a songwriter, arranger, and producer is a testament to her creativity. Each note she crafts carries emotions that resonate deeply, creating sonic landscapes that transport audiences into realms of profound beauty and introspection.

Raised under the influence of a jazz pianist mother on the West Coast, Lisa Anita Baker's legacy continues to evolve and inspire. Her unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of jazz guitar, coupled with her role as a pioneer for future generations of musicians, cements her status as an icon—a visionary whose impact on the world of jazz remains immeasurable



+1 (619) 873-6553

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