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Kofi from the Odessa Green Booking Agency

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Bill Dickens' Award Party with Veil Johnson, Victor Wooten, Bill Dickens and Juwan Scott


John Cook, Me, Joseph Wooten and Al Lewis


Bill Dickens and Lisa


Cherry Street Tavern 4/18/23

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Frank Gambale @ Winter NAMM 2020

Frank Gambale @ NAMM 2020

Richard Bona @ Winter NAMM 2020

Richard Bona @ Winter NAMM 2020

2/4/2020 @ Narwhal Studio (Chicago)

Recording Drums for 'On the Other Side.'

Marty Schwartz NAMM 2020

Marty Schwartz at Gibson's Celeb Room - Winter NAMM 2020

Lisa's Big Mouth 9/2019

Wes Tobayoyong photo 2019

Sam Ash Clinic 5/2018

Sam Ash Clinic 5/2018

Lisa and Bill Dickens on TV Pilot

Lisa and Bill Dickens on Live From The Green Room's TV Pilot

Beauty 2002

I began building my Strat in the early '80s. This photo was taken in 2002. 'Beauty' is still a work in progress. This year illuminating knobs were added.

Live From the Green Room Pilot

Live From The Green Room Pilot

Japan, Iwataya circa 1983

Modeling for Iwataya Department Store, circa 1983

Wooten Brothers circa 2006

Wooten Brothers circa 2006

Howard Ezell photo from 2002

Howard Ezell photo circa 2002

Japan circa 1983

Playing with the Candy Band: Japan circa 1983



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